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Natalie’s Fashion

Take a look at some of the fashion choices Natalie has made for the red carpet events she has attended. So far there hasn’t been that many, but hopefully that will change!

Year: 2005

2005 was an important year in Natalie’s career. It marked her breakthrough into Hollywood as she worked alongside actors such as Sienna Milla, Heath Ledger and Charlie Cox in Casanova. The two events she attended this year were the LA and London Premiere’s of Casanova. For the LA Premiere she wore a long, low cut, greyish, misty purple dress. Which showed of her… shall we say assets? Next, for the London Premiere she wore a tighter, shorter lilac colored dress that had a black rim at the top of the dress.

Year: 2006

In 2006, Natalie only attended one public event. I assume this was because she was busy working on The Tudors, which was to be released in April 2007. For the British Independent Film Awards she wore a cute little black dress with black knee high boots. You’ll also notice that her hair color has changed to a dark brown, another sign that she was working on The Tudors.

Year: 2007

Again only one event for Natalie in 2007. Presumably she was again busy with The Tudors, and perhaps Flawless. She attended the Dublin Premiere of ‘How About You’ in a pair of high waisted Grey pants, with a partially see through Grey top with a black bra underneath. Over that she wore a black, cut off jacket. I especially love the Grey shoes she wore. She looked very smart and sexy at the same time.

Year: 2008

2008 has been, by far the busiest year for Natalie. The promotion for the second season of The Tudors has really increased her profile. She started the new year attending a selection of British Award ceremonies including the BAFTA’s and Elle Style awards that were hosted in London. For both events Natalie wore similar black corsets. Then in March we saw her break free from the black and the corsets, as she wore a cute floral dress for the season two premiere of The Tudors. Although the dress was casual, I though Natalie looked gorgeous, it was nice to see her in something other than black.

Year: 2009

In late 2009 Natalie took City of Life to the Dubai Film Festival where she had some beautiful outfits, my favorite being the metallic green evening dress she wore to the premiere. The whole look was just gorgeous! I also particularly loved the dress which she teamed up with a blazer and court heels for the portrait sessions.

Year: 2010

2010 was a relatively quiet year on the events front for Natalie as she was busy on stage however she did have some very pretty outfits when she did step out. In June she wore a colorful, stripey wrap around dress for the Elizabeth Arden Party. However my favorite for 2010 has to be the gorgeous blue evening dress she wore for the ‘Red Night Dinner’, her stylish up-do complimented the dress perfectly and she looked amazing!