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Two, new outtakes from Marie Claire (Mexico) photoshoot have been added into the gallery.

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New photoshoot (& cover) with Natalie for chinese Modern Weekly Magazine have been added into the gallery. I’ve also added Vanity Fair Jewellery scans.

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Her death, like so many others on Game of Thrones, wasn’t exactly fair. Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) had all the wits necessary to survive the King’s Landing lion’s den. She was chosen as somebody’s queen, not once, nor twice, but three times. And after each occasion, she was denied a comfy rule by forces beyond her control. Margaery perished in Sunday night’s spectacular finale after becoming trapped on the High Sparrow’s losing team as Cersei Lannister made her explosive checkmate move. The outcome was the final chord in a recurring theme in Margaery’s life — she constantly found herself attached to powerful, yet doomed, men. Only this time, besides the High Sparrow, she couldn’t escape his deadly downfall.

EW spoke to Dormer about her final Thrones episode. The actress, who joined the series in its second season, has seen her feature film career bloom over the years, with roles in The Hunger Games franchise and Rush, among other projects. Here she gives her thoughts on Margaery’s fate, and most intriguingly, says her character could have beaten Cersei if she wasn’t tripped up by the High Sparrow’s mistakes.

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“I just spent three hours in the car this morning,” confesses a slightly sleepy Natalie Dormer. “You New Yorkers are used to doing that. I’m not.” Despite this admission of exhaustion, the London-based Game of Thrones actress seems alert and game for anything. Sporting a deep plum lip, her honey-blonde hair in loose waves, Dormer proceeds to don a series of lacy black dresses—from skintight Dolce & Gabbana to princess-y Marchesa—and pose in front of a wall of blood-red roses, a tribute to the sigil of House Tyrell, of which her Thrones character belongs. The black is a fitting theme; this shoot is a funeral of sorts, after all.

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